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We can help you to extract market knowledge from large-scale, complex systems to drive ROI.

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We Drive Business Outcomes

Twins Digital delivers media intelligence for industry-leading analytics and subsequent optimization across all media sources.


We connect and aggregate advertising data (to smash data silos) across your media channels.


We identify and measure your most efficient media sources for attribution (on channel, publisher and campaign level).


We analyze your advertising data with powerful reports and clear visualizations to understand complex trends.


We leverage clear insights to optimize your marketing spend across channels, campaigns and more.

The Right Solutions

We combine the best available technology on the market with professional expertise and translate your marketing goals into unique digital advertising strategies, to achieve the best possible Return-On-Investment for your campaigns.

Our comprehensive analytics and intelligence offerings help you analyse the success of your efforts within media.

Fresh, New Ideas

Customer retention, acquiring new clients, winning customers from the competition and increasing customer expenditures for higher-value products or services are the focus of growth in every industry.

Our media analysis solutions and optimizations are designed to help you identify the best communication strategies, regardless of your goals.


Leverage Market Comprehension

Understanding the relationships between variables is critical to making the right decisions, especially for complex problems with a high number of conflicting objectives.

Our sophisticated data analysis and visualization tools allow you to

gain deeper insight into your different approaches,

identify key factors,

and understand the relationships between variables.

We are Your Media Intelligence on Demand Partner

Twins Digital is a Media Intelligence Company developed for anyone handling complex media buying activities.

We combine people and technology to create a perfect blend of strategy, insight and efficiency that will help any marketing team achieve massive success. We also support our clients by aligning and educating them on the right programmatic and advertising platforms and technologies.

Powered with analytics and artificial intelligence – a harmonious combination of machine power and human competence.



Measure, analyze and predict the behavior of your consumers.


See the whole picture – strategy, data and reporting coherently visualized.


Thoughtful human insights on what matters most, instead of how just to spend more budget.


Take advantage of the strengths of each DSP through our multi platform approach and capitalise on multiple views.


Creativity matters - we work and develop with you in real time to create the best possible strategy, recommendations and outcomes.


Conquer new markets - APAC regions offer unimaginable opportunities for brands. We help you develop and execute comprehensive marketing strategies for these unique markets.