Why Twins

We think outside the box and are already working on developing new approaches to make working together more successful in the future.

We operate at the interface between strategy, technology and insights to achieve the best marketing outcomes for our partners.

We founded Twins Digital to redefine how brands can continuously improve their marketing outcomes. To do that, we apply structured methods, paired with the development of new capabilities for both man and machine. This is how we create maximum scalability of insights.

Our teams implement tailor-made campaigns with competence, many years of experience and passion. With care and remarkable attention to detail, we know exactly how to put your campaign in the limelight. From the strategic brainstorming to the launch and beyond – our insights are guaranteed to increase our client’s advertising success sustainably.


The Twins Founder
& Management

Stations: Direktor Ad Technology bei GroupM China, CTO bei Screen on Demand



Stations: Innovation Research at Fraunhofer IT, analyst in Silicon Valley

Frieder F.

Co-Founder, Product

Stations: eCom startup in the food industry, founder of an ad network

Co-founder, FINANCE



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For long-term success,
we adhere to
our values

Clear values enable us to interact with one another in a familiar manner and meet our partners at eye level. This allows us, as a team, to master complex challenges and break new grounds.


Elite Team

With our team we stand for quality and experience. We connect highly qualified data scientist at PhD level as well as numerous experienced industry specialists. In doing so, we are able to successfully assess the market and its development, providing our partners real added value.

As a result, our partners benefit from the knowledge and the associated approaches of our elite team.


Trust is the key value when it comes to successful and advanced/progressive cooperations. For this reason, we fully trust in the capabilities of our clients and we complement our previous achievements with innovative approaches – all of which makes it possible for us to work in a productive atmosphere built on mutual trust.

We always meet our clients as well as our team members at eye level, thereby enabling interactions based on mutual trust and respect.

Focusing on impact & ROI

The success of an investment lies in its impact. For this reason, risks and the associated financial requirements play an important role. New measurements can only be successful if the effects are assessed in detail. We therefore keep a close eye on the impact of new investments in order to effectively increase awareness and improve client reputation sustainably.

Entrepre-neurial Spirit

We create a mindset that embraces innovation, service, critical questioning, and continuous improvement. While the point remains seeing the bigger picture, details are just as crucial. Our employees work independently and take matters into their own hands. Not only is it then possible to identify problems, solutions and opportunities, but ideas to solve the matter can be developed as well.

We stand for movement and progress instead of stagnancy. We are convinced that with combined expertise anything is possible.

Leading by example

Every member of our team leads by example and thereby becomes an active part of our development. Here, the learners become leaders. We follow the principles of flat hierarchies and fair corporate structures in which working together is enjoyable.

Deep Tech and

We are creative, committed, innovative and we keep an eye on new opportunities in the field of digital advertising.

We set trends with our work. We combine our diverse experiences with a fresh perspective at current challenges. As pioneers and, with our competence, we become part of the progress.